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ADHD Whack-a-mole

ADHD Whack-a-mole

Do you ever feel like you are playing ADHD whack-a-mole? Remember that game? You are quickly looking all around, anxiously waiting for the mole to pop up so you can whack him. You get a little boost of satisfaction from every whack. Well for me the mole is the “new” notification and I constantly look for that rascal across every open tab and every open app on my computer. This usually occurs at a time when I am highly unmotivated. I just cycle through all of the holes looking for that mole.

Focus Mode

One thing I tried to do to stop this madness is to enable the Focus feature on my mac. It helps, somewhat by silencing the popup and sound notifications. I can still see the little red bubbles in the dock though 🙁 They are so shiny!

I don’t really have any other suggestions except to make it harder to access those apps and websites that steal your time the most. Uninstall them from your phone so that you can only access them when you have computer time. Or vice versa. I’m sure there is some app you can install to help you block access during a time frame. Sometimes as adults we need to childproof ourselves.

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