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Healing Happens in Community

A couple weeks ago I discovered the I Have ADHD podcast by Kristen Carder. Her content is wonderful. I can relate to pretty much everything that I hear. She has a group coaching program that I want to sign up for, but I can’t afford it right now.

Healing Happens in Community is a quote from the episode I just listened to. 

How to Navigate a Later-in-Life ADHD Diagnosis

This episode was so spot on, mentioning the stages and emotions one goes though after being diagnosed as an adult with ADHD; from Why wasn’t this discovered sooner? to How might my life had been different if this was known?.

Kristen surveyed ADHD’ers to see what they found most helpful in navigating ADHD:

  • Podcasts
  • Books
  • Online Communities

Find Your People

It resonated with me when Kristen said Find Your People because I had read a book with the same title just last year. “Healing happens in community”, she continued. We cannot do this alone. We need people we can talk to about our challenges. People we can share our story with. People who will validate our feelings. Our people

I had come to the conclusion on my own of needing an ADHD community to belong to, and now I have this podcast episode to reaffirm that I was on the right path. I didn’t exactly know how to find one so I built one myself. Built sounds complete, and this is  still early in the process so I should say that I have been building one. Most of my new friends I have found through the FocusMate app. At the moment I am struggling to get them a little more engaged than a once a week call. Everyone enjoys that call. We do all have ADHD so another distraction is the last thing any of us needs, but a community is that hard pill we need to swallow. It may be difficult, but we will be glad that we followed through later. We all should find our people because healing happens in community.

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