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Riding the Wave: Handling ADHD Stimulant Crashes

Stimulant Crash

Living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be a rollercoaster of experiences. While stimulant medications can significantly improve focus and attention (I know I feel like I can’t live without them) they may also lead to stimulant crashes as the medication’s effects wear off. I don’t know about your experiences, but stimulant crashes really […]

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“Send It In An Email Please!” – Why I Ask For Everything In My Inbox

Send It In An Email Please

I run four companies, supporting 27 clients and 15 leads in three continents. I get messages on 3 phones, via SMS and WhatsApp. I monitor 35 inboxes in Gmail, 4 in Outlook. I also get tagged constantly on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tiktok, and receive messages via 4 pages plus my personal profile on Messenger.

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ADHD Whack-a-mole

ADHD Whack-a-mole

Do you ever feel like you are playing ADHD whack-a-mole? Remember that game? You are quickly looking all around, anxiously waiting for the mole to pop up so you can whack him. You get a little boost of satisfaction from every whack. Well for me the mole is the “new” notification and I constantly look

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ADHD Hyperfocus Spiderman

When you spend hours researching ADHD because your ADHD made you hyperfocus on ADHD. Can you relate? Hyperfocus typically involves a high level of concentration and engagement in a specific activity that captivates the individual’s interest. During these periods, individuals with ADHD may experience a heightened ability to concentrate, disregard distractions, and maintain sustained attention

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